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Your long term legal partner for all of your business, workplace and personal needs.

The Mayfield Bustarde, LLP Difference

At Mayfield Bustarde, LLP, we are always looking ahead. We have your long-term goals in mind when we are drafting business formation documents, resolving an employment law dispute, preparing a lease for your income property, preparing an estate plan, handling a wrongful termination claim or litigating in court.

This approach influences the relationship we have with all of our clients. They know that we truly care about the success of their business, career and personal affairs – and that makes our firm a valuable legal partner.

Mayfield Bustarde, LLP represents privately-held, small- and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals. We understand that our clients' legal issues often come down to the amount and type of risk they can reasonably handle. Helping them analyze the risk, weigh the benefits and identify the real goal can prove invaluable to the success of their business, career or personal affairs.


Business Law
Mayfield Bustarde, LLP approaches business law transactions, issues and problems with our clients' o...
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Employment Law
Employment law issues are often laced with emotion, which can make them difficult to solve on your o...
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Civil Litigation
For most people, it will be necessary at some point to enlist the help of an attorney for legal coun...
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Real Estate Law
With the amount of money and planning involved, we all hope that real estate transactions will proce...
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Estate Planning
Planning for your retirement is an important part of life, particularly in light of the uncertain ti...
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I feel lucky to have been referred to such a wonderful attorney. Gayle Mayfield gives honest intelligent advise. She is trustworthy and has lots of integrity. She is caring and someone who will look after your best interests. I always receive prompt return phone calls and Gayle will always follow th...
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