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Real Estate Litigation
Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

We will work tenaciously to resolve your real estate case efficiently

The real estate industry is always evolving and developing in both the residential and commercial sectors. To ensure successful transactions and handle disputes, it is critical to have legal representation by an experienced real estate attorney in the San Diego area. At Mayfield Bustarde, LLP we have extensive knowledge of both real estate and business law, so we can assist you with a variety of legal issues including HOA and property disputes, foreclosure, construction defects, and property management contracts.

Aside from providing counsel on real estate disputes, our attorneys can offer clients guidance on buying and selling property in the competitive market of San Diego. Making these large purchases can be intimidating, but we are here to be your advocate every step of the way. We are experienced in arbitration, litigation, and mediation so we will work tenaciously to resolve your real estate case efficiently.

The world of real estate law is complex and often difficult to navigate without help. When you are facing a property dispute, construction defect, or looking to purchase a commercial property for your business, come to Mayfield Bustarde, LLP today. We will happily provide you a free initial consultation and find a solution for your case.