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HOA Disputes
HOA Disputes

HOA Disputes

We are here to help fight for your rights

In the state of California, there are a multitude of common interest communities, like condominiums and townhomes, which are regulated by a homeowners association (HOA). The duties of a HOA may vary, but they are generally responsible for building repairs, yard and facility maintenance, upkeep of shared walkways, and providing on-site trash collection. Although the HOA should be there to serve the community, there are times when a HOA as a whole, or a single member of the board, may act in an illegal or unethical capacity. When these HOA disputes occur, the attorneys at Mayfield Bustarde, LLP are here to help fight for your rights.

There are many illegal and unfair HOA practices that we have seen including violations of the Fair Housing Act. A HOA is not allowed to discriminate based on religion, disability, race, sex, or familial status, but since the government rarely oversees these associations, homeowners often deal with this kind of dispute. We also represent clients who face unfair fines or penalties from their HOA.

When you are facing a HOA dispute in your community, trust the attorneys at Mayfield Bustarde, LLP to resolve your case and get you the damages you deserve. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.