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Employment Law – For the Employee
Employment Law – For the Employee

Employment Law – For the Employee

San Diego Attorneys: Employment Law For Employees

Employees have a lot of rights under California law. Our state is concerned about the prompt and fair payment of wages and to ensure that all employees are free from discrimination. Unfortunately, whether intentional or inadvertent, many employers in California fail to comply with these laws.

At Mayfield Bustarde, LLP, we represent employees in employment law claims against their current or former employer. Whether you have just been illegally fired, or have not been paid the correct wage for some time, our seasoned, compassionate attorneys are here to help.

Wage And Hour Claims

The employment attorneys at Mayfield Bustarde, LLP have the knowledge and information to analyze your claim for wage and hour violations. If your employer has been underpaying you, not giving the requisite meal or rest breaks or has told you that you are an independent contractor, but treats you like an employee, our attorneys can analyze the facts in your situation and help determine if there has been a violation of law. Topics such as vacation policies, overtime requirements, scheduling of meal breaks, determining if an employee qualifies as a salaried employee and determining if a person is an employee or an independent contractor are just a few of the issues that our attorneys encounter on a regular basis.

Litigating Employment Claims

If there is a violation of law, whether it be a wage and hour claim, a wrongful termination, or discrimination against you due an existing medical condition, sex, gender, age, religion or other protected class, the attorneys at Mayfield Bustarde, LLP are ready to assist you. In the event that we are unable to resolve your dispute, our attorneys are ready to litigate your matter, whether it be in court, arbitration, Labor Commissioner hearings or in front of the EEOC.

The aggressive lawyers at Mayfield Bustarde, LLP will work hard to get you the maximum recovery possible. Although litigation is a stressful time for any person, our attorneys will walk you through the process and advise you of the strengths and weaknesses of your case to help you decide at what point to settle or continue litigating the case. To discuss your employment law need with one of our attorneys, please contact our Solana Beach, California, office at 858.793.8090.