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Civil Litigation
Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Partnering with us ensures you have a true advocate by your side

For most people, it will be necessary at some point to enlist the help of an attorney for legal counsel and representation. It is important that when you seek out an attorney for a civil litigation case in Solana Beach or San Diego that you find someone who makes you feel respected, confident, and comfortable. Here at Mayfield Bustarde, LLP, our mission is to provide our clients with savvy legal counsel in a variety of disciplines. Whether you are having a dispute with your employer or need to establish a living trust, one of our civil litigation attorneys in Solana Beach will review your case closely and find a prompt solution.

Whether we are helping you create legal documents for a personal relationship or business, representing you in court, or explaining California state law, we promise to fight tenaciously for you until you reach the desired outcome in your case. Rest assured that partnering with us ensures you have a true advocate by your side.

When you need an experienced and compassionate civil litigation attorney in the Solana Beach or San Diego area, contact us at Mayfield Bustarde, LLP for a free initial consultation. One of our attorneys would be happy to tell you more about the law services we offer and how we can help resolve your case.